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World Link 1: Student Book with My World Link Online

The new edition now features video from authentic sources like National Geographic and YouTube! Explore the videos that support Intro, Unit The language learning app and teaching resources help learners understand and discuss powerful ideas from TED Talks in the classroom. Fully supported with easy-to-use classroom resources, including lesson plans and a Classroom Presentation Tool, Learn English with TED Talks supports any English language curriculum and inspires learners to find their own voice in English.

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More Details. She has extensive experience working with students from around the world and has co-authored several Nancy Douglas. Nancy Douglas is a teacher, materials writer, and editor who has been in ELT for over twenty years. She has extensive experience working with students from around the world and has co-authored several courses, including the best-selling series World Link and Reading Explorer. She has also edited print and Web-based materials for English language learners as well as professional development courses for teachers.

World Link, Third Edition: Developing English Fluency

James R. He has taught English in Japan and worked as an in-house development editor for a major ELT publisher.

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  • Since , he has bee James Morgan is the co-author of Cengage's best-selling series World Link. Search results will be displayed on the map. Note that the number in brackets that appears next to the name of the country e.

    5 Most Spoken Languages in The World - Ethnologue 2019, 22nd edition

    Indonesia corresponds to the number of languages listed for that country and not to the number of geographical points for more information on the mapping methodology, see Language mapping in the Atlas. Users may also type only a part of the name and the dropdown menu will provide a list of predictions that are similar to the query typed.

    Japanese For Dummies, 3rd Edition

    To search by ISO language code, the user may enter the ISO which consists of three letters or more codes separated by ', ' e. Note that the dropdown will provide predictions of ISO codes, containing one or more letters of the query typed. For more information on ISO codes please visit:. To search an endangered language by its number of speakers, users can type numbers between 0 and infinite into the search field.

    UNESCO Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger

    The present edition designates the degrees of endangerment a little differently than the previous editions. Of these factors, the most salient is that of intergenerational transmission.

    About Atlas Endangered Languages Atlas of languages in danger Previous editions , Editors and contributors Language mapping Contribute your comments Browsing functionalities. Resources Interactive Atlas. Download dataset.

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